Method Man Launches Cannabis Brand in Colorado

Method Man follows a long line of hip-hop legends to bring their marijuana brands to Colorado.
Method Man follows a long line of hip-hop legends to bring their marijuana brands to Colorado. Brandon Marshall
After years of 4/20 performances at popular Denver venues, Method Man is finally launching a marijuana brand in Colorado.

TICAL, named after Method Man's first solo album, will begin a limited release in Denver dispensaries on Friday, August 13, according to the company. The new marijuana label has partnered with Boulder marijuana grower Vera to unveil a line of three strains at Simply Pure and WolfPac Cannabis stores, with plans to slowly scale production and add more partnering stores.

"I'm absolutely thrilled at the prospect of bringing TICAL to Colorado's mature and sophisticated adult-use market," Method Man says in a statement announcing the launch. "Our team has worked long and hard to bring the same energy, creativity and equity to this brand that I have to everything I have done throughout my career."

Sweet Grease, Free Mac and Orange Cookie Kush will be the first three strains available from TICAL, but the brand and Vera plan on birthing new genetics for future strain drops.

Partnering with Simply Pure and WolfPac, two minority-owned dispensaries in Denver, was important to the musician. "I'm particularly excited about TICAL's focus and leadership in the cannabis space in working with Black, women and minority-owned partners from cultivation to dispensaries. We are going to lead by example and ensure that this newly created market is as inclusive as possible," Method Man explains. "We can't right all the wrongs that disparate criminalization of cannabis has done to our communities, but we most certainly can make a down payment on the way forward with social equity, inclusion and full economic participation."

The Wu Tang Clan standout and stalwart of East Coast hip-hop has never been shy about his love of the plant, regularly dropping references to weed in his verses and naming his fourth solo album 4:21...The Day After as a nod to recovering from the April 20 stoner holiday. And then there's the stoner cult classic How High, the movie he made with cannabis cohort Redman, which was released twenty years ago.

Method Man follows a long line of hip-hop legends who've brought their marijuana brands to Colorado: Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and N.O.R.E., among others. Unlike his peers, however, Method Man has kept his marijuana presence burning strong in Colorado over the past two decades, performing at popular concert venues like Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom around the 4/20 holiday long before the state legalized recreational marijuana.

TICAL, his latest marijuana business move, coincides with two concerts from the Wu Tang Clan at Red Rocks and the Mission Ballroom on August 13 and August 14, respectively, and another Red Rocks show with Redman on September 1. 
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