Ask a Stoner: Does Regular Pot Use Create Bags Under My Eyes?

Ask a Stoner: Does Regular Pot Use Create Bags Under My Eyes?
Dear Stoner: I’ve noticed some bags developing under my eyes since I started smoking pot every day. Are they connected?
Droopy Dawg

Dear Droopy: The perma-stoned look is usually an easy face to snap out of — just stop smoking weed for a half-day — but you're not the only one to report new eye baggage after sustained use. Still, like many rumored side effects of the plant, it hasn't yet been broached by institutional science.

Although there are plenty of doctors who will explain why you get red eyes from smoking (blood vessels dilate when you’re stoned), we couldn't find any published research on how cannabis use affects the wrinkles or bags under our eyes. But methinks it could be connected indirectly to your consuming method and other lifestyle choices.

Inhaling smoke restricts and kills blood vessels and dehydrates the body, both of which harm skin and speed up wrinkling. Weed smoke also contains hydrocarbons that impede collagen production, an important aspect of healthy skin. Finally, check your sleeping habits, as frequent cannabis use can decrease your amount of REM sleep, the deep beauty sleep we all need for rest and revitalization.

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