Ask a Stoner: How Can I Find the Strain That Got Away?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: How Can I Find the Strain That Got Away?

Dear Stoner: I used to be able to buy Hindu Kush at my favorite dispensary, but they no longer carry it, and the other versions I've had around town aren't the same. It was easily my favorite strain, so how do I find it again?

Dear ISO: Ah, the strain that got away. You're not the only one to feel left and lonely, pal; it was a common condition before buying pot became so easy in Colorado. I fell in love with a strain called Ayatollah years before legalization, but it disappeared soon after I discovered it. I could never find it again — hell, I'm not even sure an official Ayatollah strain actually existed, since weed dealers have a tendency to make up names.

Ask a Stoner: How Can I Find the Strain That Got Away?
Scott Lentz

Fortunately, legalization and increased lab testing have made it easier to pinpoint why we love our favorite strains. Ask your dispensary about the potency testing results for its Hindu Kush, figure out the strain's cannabinoid and terpene ratio, and then start searching for strains with similar profiles.

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Hindu Kush usually carries high levels of caryophyllene, limonene and terpinene, and as a landrace indica, its genetics are relatively pure. Look for another old-school indica with the terpene levels of your preferred Hindu Kush, and maybe you'll strike gold.

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