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My Dispensary Weed Has Seeds. Can I Get a Refund?

Depends how much of it you've smoked so far...
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Dear Stoner: I spent over $50 on an eighth of top-shelf at the dispensary, but I found at least a half-dozen seeds in it, so I asked the dispensary for an exchange or refund. They told me no, and seemed surprised by the request. Was I wrong?
Stoned and Spurned

Dear Stoned and Spurned: If you broke up and smoked the eighth before complaining, then you were most definitely wrong. That's basically the same as eating an entire steak dinner and then asking for a refund because you asked for no onions in the gravy. Although I'm not totally sold, let's assume you returned this eighth without smoking most of it. In that case, this was a rip-off and should be rectified, but the dispensary might not be to blame.
Top-shelf eighths in Colorado largely come from third-party growers, not dispensaries. Although some stores will exchange seeded flower from wholesalers, your best bet is to contact the grower or brand via their website or social media. Most top-tier cultivations will quickly set you up with a replacement eighth when provided photos and a receipt, and I doubt you're the only one peeved by it. Go that route next time.

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