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Seven New or Rare Strains Around Denver Worth Trying

Moroccan Girl Scout Cookies at Herbs4You.EXPAND
Moroccan Girl Scout Cookies at Herbs4You.
Kenzie Bruce
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Even the most dedicated stoners can get complacent, happily buying the same bag of Blue Dream or whatever's on sale at the time. But why not venture?

Colorado's cannabis growers were experimenting with new strains and manipulating desirable genetics long before legalization. Still, dispensaries have enabled strain migration and consumer education at a much faster level, and it's high time that consumers took advantage of it. While there's nothing wrong with sticking to the tried-and-true effects of Sour Diesel or Bubba Kush, here are seven new or rare strains that might change your toking routine.

Moroccan Girl Scout Cookies
Carried at Herbs4You, this backcross of Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies (a hybrid of Durban Poison and OG Kush) has become an office favorite at Westword, and one sniff will show you why. The heightened aromas of rubber and citrus add a welcome twist to the doughy, earthy notes that Cookies strains are known for, but the strain's OG influence makes it much less racy than Durban, which can be a roller coaster sativa for some.

Add a bong and some bacon, and baby, you've got a brunch going. This hybrid of Clementine and Purple Punch carries plenty of the terpene limonene, which is found in citrus fruit, as well as caryophyllene, a terpene in hops. The Mimosa strain's amiable effects but stiff potency make for an easy high to tolerate in small doses, but just like the drink, overdoing it can end your day prematurely. I've spotted Mimosa at Silver Stem dispensaries and the Lodge so far, but don't be surprised if its profile grows.

Blueberry Cookies
A cross of Blueberry Tahoe and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Blueberry Cookies is a third-generation superstar. Its Blueberry Tahoe parent is bred from Blueberry and Tahoe OG, while Thin Mint is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. And mixing all of those classic genetics has baked up something tasty, as the blend of berry, dough and earthy Kush flavors makes Blueberry Cookies one of the sweetest takes on the Cookies trend so far. We've found it at Lightshade, Damian Marley's Stony Hill and Universal Herbs.

The Mind Trick at House of Dankness isn't for the weak.
The Mind Trick at House of Dankness isn't for the weak.
House of Dankness Facebook Page

Mind Trick
This hulking hybrid should be called Mind Fuck instead of Mind Trick, but I digress. A powerful mix of Somali Taxi Ride (an African landrace sativa crossed with Nevil's Wreck) and Star Killer, a heavy indica, Mind Trick's high isn't for the weak or lazy. Blasts of energy and euphoria are virtually impossible to ignore after the first bowl, but those can quickly turn disorienting for low tolerances. At the moment, Mind Trick can only be found at House of Dankness, the dispensary that bred the strain, but it's worth the drive up I-70.

Lemon Cake
Lemon Cake made the list of Ten Strains I'd Like to See in Denver at the end of 2017, so imagine how pumped we were to see it finally hit Denver. A sativa-leaning hybrid of Cheese and Lemon Skunk, Lemon Cake's tart, sweet and funky flavor make it an instant hit with anyone who loves lemon bars, lemon curd or any dessert made with the fruit. Diego Pellicer is the only pot shop carrying Lemon Cake that we know of, but with any luck, that could change soon.

Not going to lie: I've never smoked Anubis. But who doesn't love Egyptian mythology? Named after the ancient Egyptian god of embalming and the dead, this hybrid of rare strains Somango and Wembley isn't known for massive THC content (it tops out at a respectable 18 percent), but it's rumored to carry relatively high levels of CBD and CBN, making it a fine candidate for nighttime and sleeping use. So light up a joint, throw on The Mummy (not the Tom Cruise one...Brendan Fraser version only), and fall into the underworld. Lightshade, the Pineapple Exchange and Vibes Cannabis Boutique have all recently carried the strain.

Ninja Fruit
This morning smoothie of Grapefruit Haze and Grape Ape gives users extremely satisfying flavors of grapes, lemons and grapefruits, an earthy back end and a candy-like sheath covering it all. Although technically a hybrid (probably because of its Grape Ape genetics), Ninja Fruit is a daytime strain all the way. Its effects are both energizing and sociable, stimulating the appetite and melting minor aches and pains. As far as we know, L'Eagle is the only local store currently carrying Ninja Fruit.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.