Ten Strains I'd Like to See in Denver in 2018

So many weeds to pick...
So many weeds to pick... Scott Lentz
It's hard to complain about the strain selection in Denver, where over 200 dispensaries sell a massive mix of cannabis genetics. Pillars like Afghani, Durban Poison and Sour Diesel always deserve a spot on the shelves, but as with any other indulgence, it's nice to try some new varieties.

I was ecstatic to find buds from new strains (to me, anyway) like Hazelnut Cream and Strawberries & Dream this year, and I'll be on the hunt for more until, well, forever, finding clues in rumblings from friends while traveling to other legal pot havens or browsing the Internet for weed porn. Here are ten strains that I'd love to see in Denver dispensaries in 2018:

CBD Caramel
CBD Caramel is a Dutch export from Barney's Farm, one of the Netherlands' most well-known cannabis breeders. It usually carries a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, and it's one of the more flavorful CBD strains out there, with buds almost as sticky as caramel itself and a sweet, mellow flavor with notes of cream and soil. This indica-dominant hybrid is a tasty bowl-topper to lessen paranoia resulting from strains with more THC, making it a must-try for connoisseurs and medical patients alike.

Wembley is a famous neighborhood in London, but the strain named after it hails from Barcelona's Pyramid Seeds. The indica is a mix of two all-timers, AK 47 and Bubblegum, so I wouldn't be shocked if a strain in Denver has a similar genetic combination — but I've never heard of one. This Spanish wonder sounds like a knockout, as Bubblegum has always brought me heavy relaxation, and AK47's comedown is quite sedative.

Tesla Tower
This electric sativa is a product of Lazy Bee Gardens in Washington, so let's hope it has an easier path to Colorado than the first two European strains. A mix of Snowcap and White Fire OG, Tesla Tower is known for thick trichome coverage and an upbeat but manageable high. Snowcap's buzzing high can be too much for some, but it's well complemented by WiFi OG's creative, relaxing effects. With The White and Humboldt Snow genetics in its lineage, Tesla Tower cranks out powder-covered buds that carry a Red Bull stone.

This African landrace hails from the Ethiopian Highlands, so it isn't exactly new, but I'd still love to see it around town. Durban Poison rightfully gets all the love as Africa's export cannabis strain, but this lesser-known sativa isn't supposed to bring the anxious side effects or ornery comedown that Durban can bring on certain users. Because it hasn't been as commercialized, Ethiopian's THC content usually tops out at less than 15 percent, and it'd be nice to add something tamer to my lineup with all the powerful sativas out there.
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