Peace of Mind Massage Introduces CannaBliss: CBD-Infused Butter and Oil

Peace of Mind Massage has introduced a new product the company incorporated into its massages, and customers are feeling the difference: CBD-infused oil. Peace of Mind didn't start out as a marijuana-centric endeavor, and owner Elena Davis says that's not going to change. Patrons can request the CBD oil for their appointment or opt out, but Davis says she's seen incredible changes for clients who opt in.

"These are repeat clients who have been coming to us for years.... It's really showing the results," Davis says. "For us, already having that established business and then adding in that product is allowing people to really see it make a difference."

Davis says she was wary of including marijuana products in her business. Because of her location, she says, people already think it's a dispensary.

"I'm supportive of the industry, but I didn't want to be openly involved where I was doing anything outside of my scope. I consider massage to be in the health field, and I want to make sure that all the practices I'm doing are in code with my license to practice," she says. "Now that CBD is a thing and it's non-psychoactive and it's legal, it piqued my interest."
After eight years of running her business, Davis decided to partner with CAUSE+MEDIC, another local company that specializes in cruelty-free CBD and THC products. It took a year of product development to decide everything about the line, from labeling to whether to include THC.

"It was just too much. There's a lot of changing laws all the time with that in how things are labeled. Every time the state changes their mind, you have to scratch everything you have and make new labels," Davis says. "I thought about it; we even developed product samples with THC. The truth is, I didn't notice enough of a difference."

After finalizing on a CBD-based product, the main effort was focused on the feel of the product on the skin. Davis says she's felt a lot of the CBD butters and they come out feeling like Vaseline. She worked closely with CAUSE+MEDIC to makes sure the body butter and the oil would have a consistency that'd be easy to smoothly apply for massage.

"We're so blessed to have this opportunity to get to utilize this plant in this way and for the public to start to realize that it's a natural way to help pain and suffering," Davis says.
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Kate McKee Simmons interned at the National Catholic Reporter, was a reporter for the New York Post, and spent a brief stint in Israel learning international reporting before writing for Westword.