Why Colorado Tokers Love Pillow Factory

Pillow Factory's buds are extra-fluffy.
Pillow Factory's buds are extra-fluffy. Herbert Fuego
Dairy and I don't get along these days. Your boy can no longer have a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch before bed without later getting up at least twice, stricken by the dysentery. (If you're thinking about suggesting almond and soy milk, or whatever, just stop.) It took me some time — and more than a few sleepless nights — to realize the connection between milk and an upset stomach, and then I dropped dairy altogether...but not before significantly altering my sleeping schedule.

Evening naps and wide-awake nights had me yawning just as the sun was starting to come up again. I needed something that would help me fall asleep at 10 p.m. and stay asleep, and a jar labeled “Pillow Factory” looked like it might contain just the remedy.

Pillow Factory is an indica-leaning hybrid created by Colorado breeder Ethos Genetics, which crossed Black Fire and Mandarin Sunset, two potent strains with differing effects. Black Fire, a hybrid of Blackberry Kush and Fire OG, tends to be a nighttime strain, while Mandarin Sunset’s Herijuana and Skunk heritage causes a body high that can fall off a cliff at any moment. Their child is more of a creeper, sending waves of euphoric relaxation through the body and easing mental tension before snowballing into full-on sedation.

There's nothing special about Pillow Factory's smell or flavor. It carries some enjoyable sour, zesty and floral notes, reminiscent of Orange Herijuana or Bruce Banner, but nothing that sticks in my mind. That doesn't mean Pillow Factory isn't worth appreciating, however: The strain's calming effects provided exactly what I was looking for — a slow lull to sleep without instantly zapping my energy — and for us weed snobs, that can be tough to find.

Pillow Factory isn’t very big nationally yet, but it has a decent footprint in Colorado. We’ve seen the strain at A Cut Above, Levels, Little Green Pharmacy, Platte Valley Dispensary, Sticky Fingerz and Trenchtown, and wholesale grower Bonsai Cultivation supplies it to other dispensaries around the state. My favorite cuts so far have come from A Cut Above and Bonsai, both of which have enough potency to satisfy my tolerance without putting me six feet under.

Looks: Although it usually sits on the indica side of the dispensary shelf, Pillow Factory’s buds look much more like a pillowy sativa, with long, bright and fluffy nugs that resemble ice cream cones and bananas, with mild trichome coverage.

Smell: Rubbery, sour and spicy, with a grassy, dank kick to the nostrils, Pillow Factory carries some orange notes in it, too, as well as the zesty hints of a citrus rind.

Pillow Factory is earthier, grassier and more floral than the smell suggests, but still carries some noticeably tart citrus flavors — somewhere in between grapefruit and orange — with a rubbery, spicy aftertaste.

Pillow Factory's buds aren't the only fluffy aspect of this plant, as the strain's high is kind of soft and easy on the mind. Those qualities make it a good choice for novice consumers, or anyone who wants to relax without becoming a baked potato. The body effects build for almost an hour, however, and the comedown can liquefy your limbs.

Home grower’s take:
“That high will hit a lot sooner if you can get the potency up, but it's not a 'freak-out' strain that gets you too high, you know? Just really chill, and does such a good job at relieving stress. You don't need to worry about topping it as much as others, because the calyxes take up most of the space — so it's a good yielder, too. I don't think you'll find this in clones, though. You're going to need to dig up some seeds somewhere. Good luck with that.”

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