Ask a Stoner: What Should I Expect From Popping Seeds Found in CBD Weed?

Ask a Stoner: What Should I Expect From Popping Seeds Found in CBD Weed?
Dear Stoner: I found a seed in my CBD weed. Should I expect it to have the same amount of CBD if I grow it?

Dear Joshua: Not necessarily. While you should expect something similar, that’s not guaranteed. That cannabis may have been pollinated from a different strain than what you’re smoking, and whatever grows from the seed could be a hybrid strain. Even if the seed has the same parents, the plant will be a new phenotype with slight differences in smell and flavor, and not identical to older siblings. Because customers seek out a level consistency in cannabis, most growers depend on cloning instead of growing from seed.
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If you’re a home grower or experimenting with CBD strains, this isn’t a very big deal. In fact, phenotypes usually add a little fun and discovery to the experimentation process. The CBD content will probably be close to what you’re smoking now, just with some slight differences here and there. If you’re a hemp grower who needs to maintain federal compliance or growing CBD weed for commercial purposes, though, those distinctions matter.

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