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Infused Pre-Rolls Recalled From Colorado Dispensary Chain

High Level Health operates four stores in Colorado.
High Level Health operates four dispensaries in Colorado, with three in Denver.
High Level Health operates four dispensaries in Colorado, with three in Denver. Thomas Mitchell
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The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division has issued a recall for certain products from High Level Health, a dispensary chain with four stores in the Denver area.

According to the February 2 health and safety notice from the MED and Department of Revenue, the recalled products were Infused King Palms, or pre-rolled blunts that are infused with marijuana extract and rolled inside hemp rolling paper. Identification of potentially unsafe mold and yeast levels prompted the recall, the MED notes.

Two batches were recalled over failed contaminant testing, and another ten batches were flagged after an investigation showed that other infused pre-rolls were made using the same process. This led to more recalls "out of an abundance of caution," according to the MED.

"Based on the investigation the DOR has identified additional production patches of infused pre-roll marijuana that were created using the same process that led to contaminant testing failures in the production batches listed below," the notice reads. "Out of an abundance of caution these additional production batches are included in this advisory and listed as potentially contaminated production batches."

High Level Health operates four dispensaries in Colorado, with three stores in Denver and one store in Dumont, a small Clear Creek County town outside of Idaho Springs. The MED notice doesn't specify which stores sold what King Palm products, but does list the names, cultivation license code and harvest batch numbers of those recalled.

Cultivation license code: 404R-00072

Contaminated production batches: King Palm Platinum Valley (IKP-PLV-9/9/21), King Palm Blue Skunk (IKP-BSK-8/4/21)

Potentially contaminated production batches: King Palm Papaya Punch (IKP-PAP-1/13/21), King Palm Blue Skunk Live Diamond Sauce (IKP-BSK-4/6/21), King Palm Platinum Valley Live Diamond Sauce (IKP-PLV-4/6/21), King Palm Diesel Smurph (IKP-DSM-5/3/21), King Palm MAC & Cheese (IKP-(2021)), King Palm Platinum Valley (IKP-PLV-6/29/21), King Palm MAC (LSS-MAC-7/15/21), King Palm Blue Skunk (IKP-BSK-7/26/21), King Palm Blue Skunk (IKP-BSK-8/4/21), King Palm Platinum Valley (IKP-PLV-9/9/21)

We contacted High Level Health for comment; we'll update this post when we connect.

The MED recommends that customers who've purchased these products destroy them or return them to the dispensary of purchase for disposal, and requests that anyone feeling adverse health effects from consuming the products seek medical attention and submit their experiences through an MED reporting form.
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