Ask a Stoner: Know Any Remedies for Getting Too High?

Dear Stoner: What’s the best way to take the edge off a high after smoking too much? I’m in college and feel like this is necessary information for my friends.

Dear Kip: For starters, you all could figure out your THC tolerances and consume responsibly — but I realize that’s asking a lot of college kids. Coffee is a method that many users try when attempting to counter pot’s effects, but studies show that coffee could just make things worse. Because caffeine and cannabis both impact the brain, consuming them together can create a different result than when they’re consumed individually, simultaneously inspiring both jitters and yawns. However, doing a little of both (no more than a bowl or a cup of either) in the morning won’t kill you; just don’t think that one will remedy the other.

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You are freaking out, man.
I’ve used CBD products to curb cannabis-related anxiety in the past with good results. High-CBD strains are available at most dispensaries, and CBD isolate and tinctures are both fast-acting and easy to buy online. The cannabinoid’s effects are calming yet non-psychoactive, but you’re still addressing the problem with more consumption, which is likely to just make you pass out within an hour. Calming teas, hydration and relaxation are your best bet for long-term recovery. I know that isn’t the quick fix you were probably hoping for, but it’s much easier to live in moderation: No one wants to be around the overly stoned person at the party.

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