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Ask a Stoner: Salvaging Melted Edibles

THC degrades from light and heat exposure, but do car interiors get hot enough?
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Dear Stoner: If you leave a weed candy bar inside of a hot car, does anything happen to the edible?

Dear Munch: Other than melting and potentially making a sticky mess in your car, not much. Although THC degrades from light and heat exposure, searing off any significant portion would require an extended length of time in bright light and a temperature of around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Given that car interiors don’t go beyond 130 to 170 degrees — even during the summer when the temperature outside is 100 degrees — and that most edibles are packaged in containers that block light, your melted space bar should be safe.

If that edible stayed in a hot car for weeks or months, the cannabinoids might be reduced or degraded into CBN (a less intoxicating cannabinoid), depending on the amount of sun exposure. Not only that, the other ingredients in your edible would probably expire. And none of this answers the most important question: What are you going to do with a bunch of melted chocolate, anyway?

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