Ask a Stoner: My Weed Got Wet. Can I Save It?

Ask a Stoner: My Weed Got Wet. Can I Save It?
Dear Stoner: My weed got drenched last night. I have it out on a paper towel near a fan. Is it salvageable?

Dear Brenna: Like, how wet? And where did the water come from? If your nugs fell into a pool with chlorine, it’s time to toss them aside. If a glass got knocked over and hit your stash with a tidal wave of drinking water, you can probably save it via several methods. Your current drying materials are good enough, but wrap the buds up in the paper towel and place them in front of the fan, then replace the paper towel every couple of hours. You can also put your nugs in an uncovered jar of rice for a day, then break them up and let them air out for a few more hours.
No matter what you do, avoid heat and light. Water already tampers with pot’s potency, and light and heat will only weaken it further. Most important, check closely for mold. If your buds have been moist long enough for mold to even be a consideration, scrap them.

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