Scientist Tokes Up on Her Wedding DayEXPAND
Maria Levitov

Scientist Tokes Up on Her Wedding Day

Trail Blazers is a series of portraits by photographer Maria Levitov spotlighting cannabis consumers from all walks of life.

Although cannabis is legally sold in Colorado, that doesn't mean everyone can use it freely. Some people, whether because of their families, jobs or religions, still have to hide their pot consumption — but that doesn't stop them from toking up. This young scientist, who uses cannabis to curb her anxiety, used the plant to help her calm down before one of the biggest days of her life: her wedding day.

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Maria Levitov

"I’m a 29-year-old Indian woman and a scientist, on my wedding day. I care deeply about the earth and the environment, and am currently working on my doctorate. I’m a very productive person, as I have a hard time sitting still and am always looking for my next project."

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Maria Levitov

"Because of this, I am prone to anxiety, which pot helps me alleviate, [while] focusing my energies on tasks at hand. I use it to help concentrate my mind before doing complex math and thinking deeper about my data."

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Maria Levitov

"But today I am enjoying a moment of peace in between celebrating my marriage and new family."

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