Ask a Stoner: Can I Legally Sell or Dispose of Old Paraphernalia?

Ask a Stoner: Can I Legally Sell or Dispose of Old Paraphernalia?
Dear Stoner: I am relocating to another state and don’t want to be stopped carrying vaporizers and bongs during the move. Is there any way I can legally dispose of or sell these items?

Dear Jonathan: Don’t toss Charles Sparkley, Wesley Pipes and Bong Miller just yet, my toking and vaping friend. Shipping your own smoking paraphernalia and vaporizers across state lines for personal use is perfectly legal if those pieces are clean and clear of any cannabis residue. Traveling is mostly safe, too, though any vaporizers with lithium batteries might run into some trouble on airplanes (that goes for shipping, too). And be sure to tell any police or looky-loos that your pieces are used for tobacco or some other legal herb, not cannabis.
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Jacqueline Collins
Selling those pieces is pretty easy, too, as long as they’re clean of residue. Don’t advertise online that they’re intended for cannabis, and use terms like “flower” and “water pipe” instead of anything related to pot, just to be safe.

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