Ask a Stoner: How Can I Make Pot-Infused Caramel?

Dear Stoner: Do you have a recipe for infused caramel candy? I want to hand some out to friends.

Dear Sharon: Caramels are delicious any time of year, but they’re especially seasonal for the next few months. Here’s our favorite recipe for infused caramel, using canna butter:

Ingredients: 1 cup melted cannabis butter, 2 1/4 cups brown sugar, 1 cup light corn syrup, 14 ounces condensed milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, pinch of salt. Directions: In a medium sauce pan, stir the salt and sugar into the melted butter, followed by the corn syrup. While stirring, slowly add the milk. Cook on medium heat; stir for about fifteen minutes or until the caramel starts to stiffen. Remove from heat, add the vanilla extract, then pour the candy into anything close to a 9x13-inch pan. Let it cool, cut up the caramel, and hand out the treats.

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Caramel is basically different forms of sugar melted together, but it's frickin' delicious.
Linnea Covington
You could take a shortcut and add Ripple, a water-soluble THC powder sold in dispensaries, to any traditional homemade-caramel recipe. It’s tasteless, withstands high temperatures and comes pre-dosed. It’s also not as fun as canna butter, but it’s convenient and much easier to dose.

Remember to keep these caramels marked and out of reach of children, and be sure to let your friends know what’s inside of them.

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