The Ten Best Rosin Vape Cartridges in Colorado

Rosin vapes are a little pricy, but they're worth the smooth hit.
Rosin vapes are a little pricy, but they're worth the smooth hit. Jacqueline Collins
Regular cannabis users have complicated relationships with hash pens. We love their convenience and discretion, but they never bring the same high as the real thing, and some of them make us cough more than it's worth.

Thank the weed gods for rosin.

A solventless cannabis extract made from heat and pressure and free of additives, rosin gives users better peace of mind and a full-bodied high. Over the past couple of years, Colorado's top hash makers have been constantly tinkering with rosin for a cleaner hit that feels closer to a dab than an e-cigarette. We're now at a point where rosin vapes are dependable and smooth, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Below is a list of our ten favorite rosin vape cartridges. (Most of them are compatible with a 5/10 thread battery, but we've noted anything that requires something different.)

"They'll never be the same as a dab, but the convenience can't be beat.” That's not from us, but Lazercat's own description. The Idaho Springs extractor deserves points for honesty, but it would win the Pepsi challenge anyway. The cartridges aren't cheap, but they're consistently reliable, and the flavor is worth the price. You can't go wrong with any strain or combination, but we flock toward Lazercat's Grape offerings. The Grape Cookies, relatively high in CBG and thick on the grape flavor, may as well be a heavy dose of nighttime cough syrup, while Grape Nerdz, a more recent drop, is a stiff mixture of grape candy and juniper diesel. If you're chasing an imitation dab, this is the way.
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Lazercat sets a high bar for rosin vape cartridges.
Herbert Fuego
Dablogic should have a lifetime achievement award spot on this list, because few solventless vape brands have stuck around as long as the Denver operation, and it just doesn't stop pumping out great products. A partner with the Verde Natural cultivation, Dablogic's strains trend on the modern side of GMO and Strawnanna, but you can still find classic cheesy flavors in Verde favorites like Granola Funk and Hazelnut Cream.

Ask anyone who bartends, and they'll tell you that Kirkland's booze ranks right up there with the Grey Gooses of the world. If that's true, then consider Allgreens the Kirkland of rosin. Allgreens' two stores in south Denver wouldn't make a dent in Costco's square footage, but they sell some of the best — and there are people who would say the best — rosin cartridges in Colorado. Despite the high accolades for flavor and effects, Allgreens rosin carts are priced much more affordably than those of their name-brand rivals, and they don't require a special battery to use. The vape carts are only the beginning of several steals on the menu, too, so don't be afraid to stock up.
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Whether it's resin, rosin or flower, Green Dot Labs does it well.
Courtesy of Green Dot Labs
Green Dot Labs
Green Dot Labs made its name in live resin and solvent extractions, but the Boulder-based operation is now entrenched and thriving in rosin land. The brand's Black and Blue label series (think Johnnie Walker) consistently proves that Green Dot's genetics and squeezing skills are on point. Although I'm not a huge fan of the battery that the cartridges require, the carts are no joke, either. You can find them in singles, but we prefer the two-cart Flavor Packs. The new combos come in Funk, Juicy, Love and Tiki flavors, with each Flavor Pack combination intended to hit specific tastebuds. Cocktails, smoothies and hashy parmesan cheese have all popped up so far, and we're eager to discover more during future puffs.

Mountain Select
Not every city slicker with a taste for terps deserves Mountain Select, even if the company is located in Aurora. Mountain Select is a little harder to find than other brands on this list, but it's worth seeking out (as are Mountain Select's grams of dabbable rosin). If there's anything you can count on here, it's ’tegridy. Mountain Select is transparent about its genetics, which extractions and drops are in the works, and how to learn more about the company. You can even find Mountain Select's state license numbers — a useful tool to look up information about business compliance — at the bottom of the website.
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Olio's live rosin cartridges play nice with other 5/10 batteries.
Courtesy of Olio
Don't let all of the newcomers distract you from the quality extract that Olio still pumps out. I have friends who prefer Olio's live resin cartridges over the rosin counterpart, and you really can't go wrong with either. But for the solventless crowd, this more than deserves an entry. Olio's carts play nice with other 5/10 batteries, give a full and consistent hit, and provide a quality high. It's a bit difficult to predict what kind of effects are in tow unless you get a knowledgable budtender, because the names of Olio's strains and extraction combinations are proprietary and hard to track. But you'll be in good hands no matter what you get.

710 Labs
Whether it's flower, hash or gummies, we've come to expect the best from 710 Labs, and its rosin cartridges don't fall short. You get all the same notes of Chocolate Oranges and Randy Watzon in each pod, which have been reliable and smooth in our experience. The pod's specific and more expensive battery is a drawback for those who prefer the convenience of a 5/10 thread, however, and the pods do require some temperature storage care. If you're looking for high-quality puffs on the go and have the wallet to do it, though, why not?
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Äkta uses flower grown in live soil from its sister company, Hava Gardens.
Swedish for “authentic” and “genuine," Äkta sells rosin badder and vape cartridges, and they both look and hit clean. The brand's sister company, Hava Gardens, grows the starting material in live soil (you can buy Hava flower around Colorado), with our favorites so far being Gravy Train, Take & Bake and Tropicanna Bananas; we've also heard great reviews of the Dragon's Breath.

Apothecary Extracts
Apothecary Extracts is largely connected to its signature Ambrosia line of live resin, but the popular extractor and dispensary outfit has been producing in-house rosin vapes since 2021. You can only find them at Apothecary Farms dispensaries, with a lone Denver store on South Broadway and the rest in Southern Colorado. The Sour Papaya's mix of funk and Diesel is worth the trip, though, and Apothecary Extracts plans to crank up production if they're a hit. Alert: The rosin vapes are disposable, so they don't fit on a vape battery.

Soiku Bano
Outside of a handful of shaky cartridges early on (a common bump in the road for extractors launching a new vape branch), Soiku Bano's only issue has been keeping up with demand. The small, solventless extraction company can't pump out enough rosin grams and carts to keep thirsty fans satisfied, but that's a good problem to have. Next time we see Banana Punch, Dante's Inferno or Papaya Sorbet on the shelves, we'll be quick to cop — and slow to share.
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