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Ten Reasons to Visit Damian Marley's New Stony Hill Dispensary

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Damian Marley is the first celebrity to lend his name to a recreational dispensary in Colorado, and he couldn't have found a better spot.

Damian Marley's Stony Hill by TruCannabis, which opened this month, has great buds, great people and a great view. Whether you're a local or you're just visiting Denver, there are many reasons that this dispensary is worth a trip. Here are ten of them:

1. Convenience
Whether you're heading to the mountains for the weekend or staying in the city, Stony Hill is in a prime location. Stationed at the intersection of Colfax and Federal, this dispensary is an easy turn off the highway.

2. Adjacent to Mile High Stadium
If you're in town for a game, you're in luck. Damian Marley's dispensary is a quick walk from Sports Authority Field at the aptly named Mile High Stadium. 
 3. That skyline
Stony Hill has floor-to-ceiling windows that look east toward downtown Denver. A great view stretches before you. Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium is just one street away, and the Capitol building is in the distance. in between, you can spot many landmarks of the Denver skyline.

4. The Jamaican Mural
There's more to see than the skyline. On the clever wall that separates the recreational sales from the medical sales, there's a stunning mural of the landscape in Jamaica, where Marley grew up, and where "Stony Hill" got its name.

5. Friendly, knowledgeable staff
Many tourists are terrified to walk into a dispensary, worried that they'll look like ignorant fools. This is where the staff can make all the difference: Having friendly faces who welcome you into a space that can be intimidating helps ease the tension, especially if it's your first time.

Keep reading for five more reasons to visit Stony Hill.

6. An Explanation Board
If you're too nervous to approach the staff, just study the huge explanation wall, which should answer most of your questions about the differences between indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD, as well as how each type will affect you. And even if you already know it all, the board is just plain fun to look at.

7. Separate Counter for Questions
Opposite from the sales counter is a bar with stools. If you still have questions after you've reviewed the explanation board, this is a place you can visit with dispensary staffers and talk over the products. They'll bring buds over for you to smell and answer all your questions.

8. Celebrity Factor
Damian is truly the son of weed culture. His father, Bob Marley, is arguably the musician most associated with pot. His birthday, April 20, is celebrated by millions every year and has become a worldwide cannabis holiday. While other celebrities have lent their name to specific strains of weed, Damian is the first to link his with a dispensary.  9. Green Screen
On one window, the dispensary has installed a green screen that allows you to take pictures with different backdrops. You can opt to keep the Denver skyline, or get a picture with the TruCannabis grow operation behind you, or even pose with Damian himself.

10. Pin Map
Leave your mark on Colorado before you leave: Put a pin in the Stony Hill map to show where you hail from, and check out how far others have traveled to get to this store. In just a few weeks, the map has already collected pins from visitors from around the country and parts of Europe.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.