Ask a Stoner: What Should I Do With Leftover Terps?

Dear Stoner: Can I mix leftover terp sauce with normal wax or other hash? I already hit all the crystals.
Nate the Great

Dear Nate: You’re not the only one to end up with leftover terps from an expensive gram of THCA crystalline/terpene sauce mixture. Not to be confused with live resin sauce, which is already mixed and intensely flavorful, the THC crystal and terps are isolated separately and can be dabbed by themselves — even though they’re meant to be hit together for full effect. However, I have friends with no self-control who end up slurping all the crystal vapor before going through half of those delicious terps. You don’t want to waste part of your $70-plus purchase, though, do you?

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See all that goopy yellow stuff? Terps, baby. Terps.
Jake Holschuh
Mixing the leftover terps with sugar wax, live resin sauce or any other concentrate with a similar consistency would contribute to the flavor profile and add a little THC. You could also dip chunks of shatter, budder or more THC crystals (which is what you were supposed to do in the first place) into the terps for an improved dab. Whatever you do, don’t throw it away!

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