Vape and Play, Denver's Second Licensed Pot Lounge, Nears Opening

Vape and Play plans to host pot-infused food and entertainment events upon opening.
Vape and Play plans to host pot-infused food and entertainment events upon opening. Jacqueline Collins
Denver is about to double the number of licensed pot lounges located in the city: from one to two.

Vape and Play passed its final inspections by various city agencies earlier this week, according to founder Taylor Rosean, making Vape and Play the second business to receive a cannabis consumption license through Denver's Initiative 300 program.

It's been a long journey for Rosean and his mother, Megan Lumpkins; they've worked on their plans for Vape and Play for over a year. But now, having cleared the hurdles of funding, finding a location and getting city approval, the family business is ready to light up at 1753 South Broadway — right on the "Green Mile" stretch of cannabis dispensaries.

"The reality of the cannabis businesses is that the opening process is a slow one," Rosean says. "Now it's permanent sunshine in my mind. We're loud and we're proud, man. We are blazing ahead toward our grand-opening schedule."

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Taylor Rosean and his mother, Megan Lumpkins, submit their application for a Cannabis Consumption Establishment license on June 7.
Courtesy of Denver Vape and Play
Vape and Play will have a soft opening for local budtenders and Broadway businesses on January 23, Rosean says, with a grand opening expected within the first two weeks of February. Once it's fully open, Vape and Play will offer a vaporizer bar for electronic dabbing and cannabis consumption (I-300 businesses can't allow smoking indoors), and plans on hosting music, food, karaoke and trivia nights every week.

"There are still a couple small touches to be done; a couple dress rehearsals with friends and family to make sure it's running as it's supposed to," Rosean explains. "We just want to make sure when it's time for that grand opening, we've accounted for every detail and our staff has had a couple weeks to practice."

The city tentatively approved Vape and Play's plan in August, with final consent pending inspections after construction was finished. After the place passed final walk-throughs by the fire and zoning departments, the business had one last inspection by the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses, which eventually issued the cannabis consumption permit.

Denver's first licensed pot lounge was the Coffee Joint, which is located at 1130 Yuma, in a largely industrial area of Lincoln Park that gets little foot traffic. Vape and Play will be the first licensed lounge in a heavily trafficked area, with plenty of public transportation
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