Ten Weed Edibles to Help You Keep Your Cool This Summer

Get cool and high with cannabis-infused ice pops
Get cool and high with cannabis-infused ice pops Courtesy of The Green Solution
Cannabis edibles have evolved to the point of satisfying specific tastes and cravings, with seasonal treats and even frozen options for hot days. Think about it: Instead of buying weed and then Otter Pops to soothe your ensuing cottonmouth, you could simply buy an ice pop with the weed in it. Sometimes you just need to go with your gut.

Here are ten edible and drinkable options for chilling out in more ways this one this summer:

NectarBee Icicles
Made by the Green Solution's in-house edibles brand, these are both frozen and infused with weed. At 10 milligrams of THC per ice pop, you might need a lot for high tolerances, but they'll definitely keep you cool.

Cheeba Chews Taffy
If there's one gripe about Denver, it's the lack of beaches, so we'll take any waterfront vibe we can get. The Cheeba Chews strawberry taffy isn't wrapped in wax paper like traditional saltwater taffy, but it's the closest thing to the boardwalk you'll find inside dispensaries.

Cannapunch Watermelon Nectar
You can cool down with dozens of different cannabis-infused juices, sodas, teas and other beverages, but watermelon is a top-tier summer fruit, without question. With 100 milligrams of THC per bottle, Cannapunch's Watermelon Nectar might be more of a sipping drink, but it'll help you stay chill at the cookout if someone forgets to bring the fruit.

Keef Cola Bubba Kush Root Beer
There is nothing new about Keef Cola's Bubba Kush-inspired root beer, nor do dark sodas come to mind when thinking about summer drinks. But it's fucking delicious, mixing a classic root beer flavor with the earthy, vanilla aftertaste of Bubba Kush. Instead of stopping by the drive-thru on your way home, drop a scoop of vanilla ice cream in this for a medicated float.

Whether we're hiking, going for a bike ride, playing basketball or going for a jog, plenty of us want to chew gum. There are several edibles companies with lines of pot-infused gum, usually topping out at 10 milligrams per piece. Just be sure to bring some water along — even gum can dehydrate you if it's infused with THC.
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