Ask a Stoner: What's "Cold Cured" Mean in the Hash World?

Ask a Stoner: What's "Cold Cured" Mean in the Hash World?
Dear Stoner: What's so great about cold-cured hash? Also, what is cold-cured hash?

Dear Arban: In the hash world, the phrase “cold cured” generally applies to rosin concentrates, which are made by applying heat and pressure to cannabis or water hash. After the pressing process, extractors will cure their rosin in sealed containers, with factors such as length of the cure, pressure, temperature, stirring and agitation all playing roles in the final result. Cold curing rosin means the curing took place at somewhere around 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s not exactly cold, but it is relative to the 100-plus degrees used in hot curing.
click to enlarge Cold-cured rosin generally has a creamy color. - JACQUELINE COLLINS
Cold-cured rosin generally has a creamy color.
Jacqueline Collins
Some users believe that cold curing retains terpenes more effectively than hot curing, but that opinion isn’t shared by everyone. Cold-cured rosin’s milky colors and crumble consistency are a new, popular look compared to the jammy consistency and amber hue of hot-cured rosin, though, and a lot of Colorado’s well-known extractors now sell cold-cured concentrates. Just be sure to keep your cold-cured stuff in the fridge or it will degrade.

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