Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Find Other Growers For Advice?

Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Find Other Growers For Advice?

Dear Stoner: Where can I have discussions with growers to ask questions? This is my first time growing.

Dear Freshie: Growing cannabis is a lot more difficult than growing tomatoes in the back yard, but it’s a helluva lot easier now than it was ten or even five years ago. If you want to learn more about growing face-to-face with experts, then hang out at hydroponic stores, where you buy growing equipment. Most of their employees have experience with cannabis — or even with growing indoors, which is still helpful.

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Jacqueline Collins

For the most sage advice, though, hit up the bars and breweries off I-70 in the east end of town, where all the growing operations are located. Trust me: It’s easy to spot — or smell — a group of cannabis growers. Just keep your nose open and look for a worker’s badge, because most of them don’t take them off after their shifts. Buy hardworking growers a couple of beers, and they’ll teach you anything you want to know.

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If you’re too shy to bombard someone at the bar, then try online growing forums. Although the users can be a little harsh at times, this is a great way to compare notes and photos of the same strains and growing techniques. You might even get a seed connection or two, and that’s when the real fun begins.

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