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Ana Sia, January 26 at the Bluebird Theater

Up-and-coming San-Francisco-based artist Ana Sia describes her sound as "lots of low-end love featuring deep, grimy dubstep, big and beautiful wonky whomp, and glitch-infused global-slut psy-hop." If you caught her at the Global Dance Festival in '09, then you know this translates into ass-shaking grooves designed to get as many people as possible packed onto the dance floor. The dubstep is dirty, the glitch is nasty, and her ability to blend crunk hip-hop with wobbly bass lines and whomping beats is a prime example of why Sia's inimitable sound is increasing in popularity and garnering a growing number of fans. Her fluid and seamless blends, her selective use of beats from a range of rhythms, and her skillful ability to wind a set down after hours of winding it up will continue to earn her acclaim wherever she plays, including her upcoming set on Wednesday, January 26, at the Bluebird Theater.

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