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Autumn Film's Latifah Phillips sings on new album with SOLA-MI

Aside from fronting the Autumn Film, Latifah Phillips is also a member of a hymn project, Page CXVI, with her husband, Reid, and Dann Stockton. About a year ago, Phillips met Nashville-based singer-songwriter Derek Webb, who wanted to remix some of Page CXVI's tracks for the album re:hymns, which hits stores on June 12. Webb also recently recruited Phillips for the project SOLA-MI, who just released the soundtrack to Solomon Mente's fictional narrative and film NEXUS.

The album, which is available for download at the SOLA-MI website, was produced by Texas-based Josh Moore, who produced the album. Webb wrote the lyrics and melodies.

"I was just the voice," Phillips says, "which is really different for me to just come in and be the voice of the project. With Autumn Film and Page CXVI, we write all the songs and we do all our own production. I'm usually so much more involved. It was really fun to do a project where I just had to come in and do one thing and do it really well."

Phillips says the electronica album, which she says is dark in the moody sense, includes a number of samples made by Moore and is really different than with the Autumn Film and Page CXVI, where the bandmembers play all the instruments and where it's more of an organic sound. With SOLA-MI, Phillips says the only real organic instrument on the disc is her vocals.

"It really takes you on a journey," Phillips says of the album.

SOLA-MI from jeff venable on Vimeo.

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