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You probably haven't heard of Chance's End, unless you listen to Boulder's pirate radio station, KBFR, and caught him "in the van" on Monday, June 16. Here's your chance to get a good seat on the bandwagon. The Boulder-based producer, also known as Ryan Avery, began the End in 2000 -- drawing from international influences and his background as a classical violinist -- to create tracks and remixes for electronic music's burgeoning audience. One of Chance's projects was redubbing a song by Slick Idiot (a group including several former KMFDM members); his version was chosen for inclusion on that band's ReDickUlous CD, from Itchy Records. The artist's own CD, The DL, is a little harder to find, though his funky vibes and emphatic melodies make the hunt worthwhile. This Thursday, June 19, marks the debut of Chance's live-PA progressive-breakbeat electronic set, a must-see for any self-respecting beat-lover. DJ Sadao opens the show at Boulder's hip club the Bassment; Avery takes over at 11 p.m., spreading his thick sonic texture over the dance floor. Chances are you'll like it.
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