Readers: DJs Are No-Talent Hacks That Won't Stop Trump

DJs Erin Stereo and Jason Heller perform at the May edition of 45s Against 45.
DJs Erin Stereo and Jason Heller perform at the May edition of 45s Against 45. Scott Lentz
Last week, Westword wrote about DJ Jason Heller's monthly anti-Trump dance party called 45s Against 45. Readers swiftly wrote in both rallying against the event and praising it in turns. 

Some oppose the idea of the benefit party for the American Civil Liberties Union, arguing that dancing against Trump is stupid and ineffective, while others outright loathe DJs, attacking them for failing to make real music.

Mark writes:
DJ's are no talent hacks that are cheap entertainment for people who can't afford real musicians to perform live concert music. There is no replacement for the true sounds of a real musician band that uses real musical instruments. Don't be fooled by the shadow puppets on a cave wall.
Anthony weighs in, taking a jab at millennials:
Millenials: "I don't vote, it's pointless, you won't actually make a difference."
Mardi, on the other hand, describes 45s Against 45 as revolutionary:
This! This is how we revolutionize. The rest of ya’ll can stay cowardly hunkered down in your foxholes, hoarding your gold and afraid of people.
Read on for more of our coverage of how musicians are engaging in the current political moment.

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What do you think about how musicians in Denver and beyond are engaging in the current political conversation? Should they shut up and perform, or play for what they believe in?

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