Reader: Who Cares If Drake Canceled Except for Teenage Girls?

Drake won't be in town this weekend.
Drake won't be in town this weekend. Miles Chrisinger
Drake and Migos canceled their Denver concerts this weekend. "In order to deliver the high standard tour experience our fans expect and deserve, we have made the necessary decision to slightly adjust the beginning of the Aubrey & the Three Migos tour schedule," said Drake's spokesperson, without offering further explanation.

Rumors spread across the Internet that the cancellation had something to do with the Friday, July 20, arrest of Migos member Offset — a mere ten days after his daughter was born.

Whatever the reason, readers had plenty of opinions about the scrapped dates, and shared them on social media. Brian writes:
Stay away! 
T Spencer offers his take on the Offset arrest:
Nobody would miss Offset. I promise. 
But Azita laments:
It is so sad. My teenage girls bought their tickets to take a five-hour flight to Toronto to see Drake. They are so upset.
Jonathan is less than sympathetic to those girls:
Those poor girls... imagine investing so much time, money, and effort into... Drake. Poor things.
Sorrel notes:
Rappers are so fucking bad about this type of shit.
And Ernie asks:
Who fucking cares?????
Read on for more of our coverage of canceled concerts.
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