Freak Friday: "Ah, C'Mon" - Chuggo

As you watch and listen to today's selection, you will ask yourself: "Is this a joke? A Parody? Is it the cleverest thing I've seen all week, or the stupidest?" By the end you will know, but I don't want to ruin the fun. You'll also have the deliriously simple and utterly ridiculous hook of this track stuck in your head. You'll be lucky if you don't end up randomly shouting it out, like some kind of tourette's victim -- I did for a day or two afterward, much to my fiancee's chagrin. To give you an idea of what to expect, this is hip-hop. Sort of. Imagine the weakest, most repetitive and primitive beat you've ever heard -- something like a clever ten-year-old might cook up the first time he lays hands on Fruity Loops. Over this, layer the most offensive, sexist, misogynist, violent and laughably clumsy spectacle of a rap. And then illustrate the whole thing with an awkward, crappy CGI-heavy video that's like a mildly brain-damaged version of a hip-hop fantasy land. That's Chuggo's "Ah, C'mon" in a nutshell. And in case it isn't obvious, this is not particularly safe for work, due to all that sexism, misogyny and liberal use of the word "fuck," not to mention lots of thong-clad stripper ass. In any case, it awaits you after the jump.

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