Freaky Friday: Jan Terri - "Losing You"

This Freaky Friday is a slow burn. You will start off wondering what the fuck is wrong with me for posting this (well, I expect a lot of you always wonder exactly that). Then you will begin to be transfixed by Ms. Terri's troll-like countenance and her sad, sad tale of "Losing You." You will become hypnotized by the absurd amateurism of both the music and, most especially, the videography. The long, slow pan shots of ... nothing. The languid, almost disinterested way Terri lip synchs while all but refusing to look at the camera. The awesome mullet on her boyfriend and her own special style. Then, you'll notice that despite the banal lyrics ("I don't want to lose you tonight, cause you're the only thing that matters") and super cheap, tinny production, the song is strangely catchy. Seriously, I've been walking around all afternoon singing it, and it's freaking me out a little. Damn you Jan Terri, you've won this time! You will not lose me tonight. The rest of you can make up your own mind, after the jump.

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