Freaky Friday: Russian Navy sings the Beatles

You can learn the craziest things on the Internet. Like that the Russian Navy has a crack squad of old guys that cover Beatles tunes. Or half-learn, I guess, because I am not at all sure that any of that is true. But I am sure that today's video is of a bunch of old guys dressed in sailor suits singing a mangled version of "Let It Be" in thick, Slavic sounding accents. But I'm going to believe that it's what I said, that the Russian Navy keeps a squad of grizzled, old warhorses around to sing barely-recognizable versions of Western pop songs as a morale-building exercise, because that idea makes me happy. I wonder though, if the Russian Navy is going to sing Beatles songs, shouldn't they have picked something off Yellow Submarine? Just sayin'... In any case, you can see for yourself after the jump.

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