Gene Davis is beerly breathing in Austin without his favorite Colorado beer from Great Divide

There are plenty of songs about beer, but there aren't many songs about good beer. So when Gene Davis of Weird Turn Prose and the Que Pastas moved to Texas, he decided to pen one about one of his favorite Colorado beers -- one that he has trouble finding in the Austin area and one that he equates to a girl that he can't stop thinking about.

"Bye, Bye, Great Divide" is an ode to Yeti, the highly sought-after imperial stout made by Denver's Great Divide Brewing. It's a beer that has a following as large as its ABV (about 9.5 percent) and one that regularly ends up on lists of the best beers made in the United States.

"Last week when I was rather homesick for Colorado and in desperate need of a Yeti, a jingle for Great Divide/Yeti popped in my head," says Davis, who once interned for this fishwrap. "I recorded it on my home computer over the weekend and have posted it online and for free download."

His primary goal? "I'm hoping someone will like the song enough to send a case of Yeti to my address here in Texas," which, he points out, is 1720 Grand Avenue Parkway, Apartment 4308, Pflugerville, Texas -- you know, just in case you're feeling charitable. "There's only a few places to get Yeti in the Austin area, and it's far away from where I live," he laments.

Gene, you may have trouble finding Yeti, but if it's any consolation, the head brewer from Odell is moving to Austin shortly to take up residence at a place called Pinthouse Pizza. In the meantime, we'll drink a Yeti for you.

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