Getting (Very) High and Eating Microwave Hamburgers With the Trailer Park Boys

The actors behind the Canadian mockumentary television show and series of films Trailer Park Boys were in Denver Tuesday evening for a performance and, later, a marijuana tasting. We attended both.

The Dear Santa Clause Go Fuck Yourself Tour kicked off at the Bellco Center, where Randy, Bubbles, Ricky, Randy and Mr. Lahey performed to a large and rowdy crowd. "This is the first time I have been legally high," Ricky kept exclaiming. He constantly referred to Colorado as "Colohio." And alongside electric underwear on Ricky's Christmas list was shatter from Native Roots.Wishes, as it turns out, do come true.

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He'd already been there once, earlier in the day, and he explained to the crowd that the experience had been a memorable one. In response, someone in the audience tossed a zip-lock bag filled with four joints on stage.

The performance itself seemed to be a mix of script and improvisation, and it was just as funny as the Boys' show and films. When they described the meaning of Christmas as the time to "get drunk and high with your fucking family and friends" the crowd cheered. After the performance, they did just that. The marijuana tasting brought a few dozen people, including the cast members and representatives of several dispensaries, to an office south of the theater. One attendee was wearing a shirt that read: "Hoggin Dabs." Another guest introduced herself as Sativa. Julian (John Paul Tremblay), Ricky (rob Wells), Bubbles (Mike Smith), and Randy (Patrick Roach) entered the apartment and headed straight to the microwave. Randy immediately took his shirt off, pulled out a cheeseburger from somewhere unknown and shoved it in the microwave. There was a box of Voodoo donuts on the counter, and the guys picked up a maple bacon pasty while bickering with one another. They put one of the donuts inside the burger and they passed it around to one another. "It feels like an angel just pissed in my mouth," exclaimed Bubbles. The room full of stoned onlookers stood and laughed at the ongoing show.

Various dispensaries gave the guys copious samples. Randy took some hash dabs from Denver Kush Club, and then spent the rest of his time there in a leather office chair, which he kept spinning around, grinning, his eyes barely open. "I like sitting here. People are just coming over and talking to me. Hash dabs make everything funnier," he said.

He and his cohorts were definitely funny, and THC only made them funnier. If you can't catch their Christmas-themed tour, which stops in St. Louis tonight, you can catch them on the Still Drunk, High & Unemployed tour in 2015.

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