Help Us Select The 2015 Westword Music Award Nominees

The Westword Music Showcase will return this summer. We'll celebrate the broad and vibrant Colorado music scene with a day-long festival featuring some of the area's most interesting bands, DJs, groups and solo artists.

Finalists for the Westword Music Awards will, as always, make up the vast majority of the lineup, and that's where you come in: in the comments below, tell us which currently active, Colorado acts you think should be nominated this year.

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Please note that the official ballot will be constructed by a committee of experts and is not a popularity contest. So don't bother getting all your friends and fans to blitz this post.

If, however, your suggestions are especially thoughtful or demonstrate a strong perspective on some genre or scene, we'll make you an official part of the nominating committee. Please include your email address if you'd like to be considered (throw some spaces in there or spell out a "dot" so the spam bots don't get you).

Here's a refresher on last year's Awards to get the wheels turning:

What makes Denver's music scene successful (and unsuccessful)? Off-stage experts weigh in.

Meet 100(ish) of Denver's Best Bands: -Part One -Part Two -Part Three -Part Four

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