MP3 Freeloader: Yo, Flaco! at Herman's Hideaway this Friday

Once upon a time, before the Flobots were even a gleam in their daddy's eye, there was a band in Denver that consistently packed clubs like Herman's Hideaway to capacity doing the live hip-hop thing, with a trio of sick MCs fronting a crack band of ultra seasoned musicians. Every where you went, it seemed, there were fliers touting the band, which inexplicably stirred the ire of certain citizens who were hellbent on keeping our city beautiful. The outfit sort of unceremoniously imploded before a few members transplanted the act to the City of Angels with a completely different line-up. As is won't to happen, the group failed to blossom in LA, because, well, it's LA, and unless you're setting yourself on fire nightly and then rolling around in glass shards for an encore, it's next to impossible to capture folks attention out there. Yo, Flaco! became No, Flaco! And just when the band's name was about to be permanently etched in the annals of local music history, the outfit's members who stayed behind took back the name and reformed and revived the crew with original members. In advance of Flaco!'s show this Friday night at Herman's Hideaway with Prominence & SolomusiQ and Juicy & The Cape Review, we've posted "Deep End," a track which the band recorded but never had a chance to release, after the jump for your downloading pleasure. Have at it. Enjoy!

Click here to download "Deep End" by Yo, Flaco!

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Dave Herrera
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