Our Most Popular Music Stories of 2016: Juggalos, Nathaniel Rateliff

From the stories of incoming Juggalos and LoDo bros to Nathaniel Rateliff and our own nostalgic contributor and apparent ’90s teen raver Bree Davies, the most intriguing music news of 2016 was often booze-soaked and stank of night sweats. Sometimes we spotlighted shows to come; other times we unearthed pettiness, opportunism and, in at least one case, aimless psychopathic misanthropy targeting another one of our contributors. Yes, 2016 was one of those years we are all lucky to have survived. Here's to the new year and a new roller coaster to ride.

Keep reading for ten of our most popular music stories of 2016.
1. Break the (Denver) Internet: Nathaniel Rateliff Responds to Britney Spears "S.O.B" Video 2. Gathering of the Juggalos Is Coming to Colorado 3. Pabst Announces New Music Festival in Denver for May 2016 4. Nathaniel Rateliff on the Sobering Story Behind "S.O.B." 5. Why Was Glenn Frey Always Wearing CU T-Shirts? 6. Is This The Most Hated Band in Colorado?7. Denver Had a Thriving Rave Culture in the '90s, and It Was All Its Own8. Hi-Dive Owners and Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats to Open New Bar9. How Lower Downtown Denver Went From LoDo to BroDo10. Frank Turner on Love, Loss and Topics He Wouldn't Touch With a F*cking Barge Pole
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