OutKast is coming to Denver with the Mad Decent Block Party, tickets on sale now

So news is spreading quickly about this year's Mad Decent Block Party, a fledgling festival tour heretofore specializing in the kinds of hip-hop and dance acts whose members were likely to be wearing floral print hats. It was mostly found in large clubs with outdoor spaces, that sort of thing. Not this year. They're taking a home run cut this year, with Flosstradamus, Griz, Run the Jewels, etc. and your headliner, the mighty mighty OutKast.

Maybe you know our feelings there via this now somewhat obsolete guide to traveling to see OutKast. The Block Party comes to the (newly remodeled) Fiddler's Green on Friday, August 22. Tickets go on sale this Friday, but you can get them now through Mad Decent's pre-sale.

The pre-sale will run you $54.50 (that's a little more than the cheapest tickets will be during the regular sale, where you can buy them for $38.50 before fees). But it also includes a package of crap: A Diplo mix CD, some kind of zine, several stickers, one of which involves something called pizzaslime, and a patch. There's also a tiny photo of David Hasselhoff in the corner of the package's explanatory graphic. No idea.

Historically, this tour has not featured its entire lineup at every stop. Presumably that will be the case again this year, so take that list of bands on the Mad Decent site with a grain of salt. But AEG has confirmed part of the Denver lineup, and for sure you can expect to see OutKast, Djemba Djemba, Flosstradamus, Griz, Liz, Mr. Carmack and Run the Jewels. All hail Atlanta.

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