Pictureplane gets love on Pitchfork

And the hits just keep coming for Pictureplane, the musical vehicle of Travis Egedy. On Wednesday, Pitchfork reviewed "Trance Doll," the A side of Pictureplane's new Lovepump United 7-inch and gave it a six rating, which in the Pitchfork Universe is pretty decent praise. The best part of the review, penned by Eric Harvey, is when he asserts that Egedy's primitive production must be a product of necessity, because he lives in the Mile High City and probably strapped for cash.

"Egedy's own canvas is flat out of practical concerns: He uses cheap computer programs and patched-together synths because, well, he's a performance artist living in Denver and probably doesn't have a lot of money. As a result, a busy track like "Trance Doll (Post-World Dub)", despite frequent nods to deep house, dub, and trance, is all frenetic surface action, like Gang Gang Dance's wonderful "House Jam" on a jittery Sparks fix."

Like a number of other Denver artists, Pictureplane is currently in Austin for SXSW, as part of its current jaunt with HEALTH, who first tossed hosannahs in Egedy's direction in the same publication last year.

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