Reader: There's a Reason Post Malone Concerts Are Selling Like CrazyEXPAND
Aaron Thackeray

Reader: There's a Reason Post Malone Concerts Are Selling Like Crazy

"I came here to play y'all some shitty music and get fucked up while we do it," Post Malone told his Pepsi Center audience on November 10. And now the Billboard chart-buster will be able to do it again: On November 19, Live Nation announced that Post Malone will be returning to Denver on March 12.

Post Malone ended his last Denver show by telling fans to "keep kicking ass," as Leslie Wilber noted in her review. Readers responded by giving her a few kicks, although one asked this: "Can we please return to a Pre Malone society?"

No chance, judging by reader response to the March 12 announcement. Says Nancy: 

Okay, I'm asking for these tickets for Xmas.

Responds Jenelle: 

This could be a fun-ass show.

Counters Rodney: 

We’ve had enough of him, go away.

Adds Clay:

 His music is straight-up garbage...pop music is horrible.

Replies Nick: 

It's good to have variety, but Post music is not garbage vocally and lyrically. Post is very talented; there is a reason he is selling concerts out like crazy. 

Malone is an unlikely radio god, notes Westword's Kyle Harris: a hip-hop artist who has derided hip-hop, a man who has at once rejected conventional beauty while embracing addictive pop-music tropes that have built him a swooning fan base. He's brutishly masculine, but emo....and he puts on a spectacular show.

On March 12, he'll be joined in Denver by Swae Lee and Tyla Yaweh at the Pepsi Center. Tickets are now on sale at Live Nation.

Have you seen a Post Malone show? Will you be going to this one? Post a comment or email editorial@westword.com. And see our slideshow of Post Malone's November 10 show here.

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