Rocky Mountain High: Join our sing-a-bong on this unofficial version of the official state song

On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on HB 1284, which would regulate -- some say snuff out -- the medical marijuana industry in this state.

It's a sad come-down for the Colorado Legislature, the very body that back in 2007 made John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" -- complete with drug references -- the state's second official song. Since the sponsor of that measure, former state senator Bob Hagedorn, is now working as a lobbyist with medical marijuana groups, the time seems right to offer an update on Colorado's co-state song.

Won't you sing-a-bong?

ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH (with big apologies to John Denver)

They were green when summoned for a new legislative year Blowing smoke on a subject they'd never tried before. They left yesterday behind them, you might say they were born again You might say they found a key for exhaling more

When amendment 20 passed, the state was looking great Riding high and singing a happy song But the budget's turned to dust and the boom has gone to bust It keeps changin' fast and it don't last for long

And the Colorado rocky mountain high Could save this state from going high and dry Medical marijuana should be so easy to buy Rocky mountain high

They licensed the dispensaries, they tightened up the cards They put rules wherever they could be. And the patients they got crazy and complained about all the laws They lost the right in all but memory

Now they walk in smoke rings through the hallways and the rooms Seeking votes with every step they take Their sight has turned inside to try and understand A need deeper than a clear blue mountain lake

And the Colorado rocky mountain high Could save this state from going high and dry Inhale, talk to God and listen to the casual reply Rocky mountain high

Now their bills are going forward but still they know some fear Of a simple thing they cannot comprehend Why they try to tear the system down to bring in a couple more More laws, more rules upon the land

And the Colorado rocky mountain high Could save this state from going high and dry And we know we'd be a poorer place if we never gave pot a try Rocky mountain high

It's Colorado rocky mountain high We've seen it rainin' money from the sky Friends around the Capitol and everybody's high Rocky mountain high...

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