Sprint signs on to help Yerkish pick a new name

Seems we're not the only ones concerned with helping Yerkish come up with a new name. This morning, if you log on to Sprint's website, you'll notice that the telecommunications behemoth has gotten in on the act. According to Yerkish frontman Tim Kaminski, shortly after Alvin Ramos joined the band, filling the timekeeping slot vacated by Ryan Eschenbach, the group started thinking about changing their name. As luck would have it, a short time later, the guys were contacted by Sprint's ad agency, and the next thing they knew, they were on board to be included in the company's All. Together. Now. campaign, which kicked off yesterday and runs through April 29.

As part of the campaign, the band will be getting some incredible exposure. On April 29, the group will be included on the company's YouTube banner ads, which will presumably be viewed by a ridiculous number of people outside of Denver. From now through the end of the campaign, people are encouraged to submit names, and later that week, Yerkish will pick its new name.

"Athough the name will change," Kaminski stresses, "we'll still be pushing hard the same elements of our songs/performances that Yerkish adhered to. The video will not go away, but in fact we hope to make it stronger and more interactive with our musical performances. And we're premiering a new song at our show with the Memorials on May 3 [at the Walnut Room], that I think proves we're not shying away from any odd time signatures and atypical structure."

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