Reader: Is the Stanley Hotel Still $400 a Night?

A 3-D rendering of the completed Pavilion Auditorium.
A 3-D rendering of the completed Pavilion Auditorium. Courtesy Reed Rowley
This week we reported that the Stanley Hotel has booked programming for its new Pavilion Amphitheater, a $10 million performance venue. The project is part of owner John Cullen's attempt to turn the Estes Park hotel into a one-stop cultural destination. While many music fans responded to the news with enthusiasm, a few raised some questions about how much a night at the storied hotel costs. Monte asks:
Still charging $400 a night?
Rafael adds:
For a place that needs a coat of paint, top to bottom!
But Sarah sums up why a stay at the Stanley is priceless:
And ghosts. It features ghosts.
We checked rates for the Stanley this weekend, and rooms cost between $319 and $579.

Read on for more of our reporting about the Stanley Hotel:
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