A 3-D rendering of the completed Pavilion Auditorium.EXPAND
A 3-D rendering of the completed Pavilion Auditorium.
Courtesy Reed Rowley

Reader: Is the Stanley Hotel Still $400 a Night?

This week we reported that the Stanley Hotel has booked programming for its new Pavilion Amphitheater, a $10 million performance venue. The project is part of owner John Cullen's attempt to turn the Estes Park hotel into a one-stop cultural destination. While many music fans responded to the news with enthusiasm, a few raised some questions about how much a night at the storied hotel costs. Monte asks:

Still charging $400 a night?

Rafael adds:

For a place that needs a coat of paint, top to bottom!

But Sarah sums up why a stay at the Stanley is priceless:

And ghosts. It features ghosts.

We checked rates for the Stanley this weekend, and rooms cost between $319 and $579.

Read on for more of our reporting about the Stanley Hotel:

The Del McCoury Band will play Stan Jam, the hotel's bluegrass festival.
The Del McCoury Band will play Stan Jam, the hotel's bluegrass festival.
Courtesy of the Stanley Hotel

"Stanley Hotel Announces New Venue and Bluegrass Festival"

"Haunted by Its Past, Will the Stanley Hotel Have a Happy Ending?"

Murder by Death at the Stanley Hotel.EXPAND
Murder by Death at the Stanley Hotel.
Brandon Marshall

"Murder by Death and Its Devoted Fans Once Again Haunt the Stanley Hotel"

The venue will have cascading waterfalls over granite rocks; an 11,000-pound hydraulic glass door engineered to open outward at 90 degrees; 300 amphitheater-style seats, both indoors and out, that wrap around a freshwater pond and allow occupants to gaze upon the Rocky Mountains...

The $10 million performance space is the latest offering from the Stanley’s owner, John Cullen, who has expanded the legendary hotel into something of a cultural hub in Estes Park, drawing musicians, writers and performers. Of course, the hotel itself comes with artistic bona fides: It inspired Stephen King to write The Shining.

Have you stayed at the Stanley Hotel? What do you think of the plans for the Pavilion Ampitheater? Share your thoughts in a comment, or email editorial@westword.com.

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