Streets of London's new owner has a no Nazi policy.
Streets of London's new owner has a no Nazi policy.
Sarah McGill

Readers: Banning Nazis Is a Smart Business Move for Streets of London

Streets of London's new owner, John Elliott, has said it loudly: When Nazis and Proud Boys come to his establishment, they get the boot. That's a big deal for the twenty-year-old venue that used to have a reputation as a gathering spot for racist punks.

Elliott's decision may have pissed off some in Denver, but Westword's readers were overwhelmingly happy to see the Nazis kicked to the curb.

Dan writes: 

Glad to hear it. I hope every bar does the same and the Nazis are left out shivering in the cold.

James adds:

Glad new ownership is going to straighten this place out.

Michael responds:

I've seen a few good bands play at Streets. The chicken tenders and sauce kick butt. No alt-right anything when I was there. Just good food and drinks.

Aaron offers words of caution:

I’m glad to hear it. But hire some big bouncers, and make sure they watch their backs. Those sh*tstains jumped a friend a couple of years ago just outside Streets. Also, bravo on the plans for a Josh Finley mural. Can’t wait to see it all come together.

Gregory supports the decision:

Smart business move. I stopped going there because of all the edgy and far right numpties who creeped about the place.

Read on for more of our coverage about how the music scene responds to hate groups.

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Hail Satan's new music video takes a bite out of bigots.
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Ross Swirling (center) has been the frontman of Allout Helter since 2010.
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"Streets of London's New Owner Will Throw Out Proud Boys and Nazis – Literally"

Streets of London has adopted more than just a no-Nazi/no-Proud Boy policy. The bar is also undergoing some significant remodeling. A new sound system is being installed, and the stage is being moved to create more room for fans.

"We’re implementing new systems behind the bar that are just going to make things a lot easier to manage and improve service for our guests, and also make life easier for our bartenders," Elliott says. "We’ve already implemented new refrigeration and new wells. We’ve essentially redone the back bar.”

Despite all the changes, Elliott tells Westword the space will still be punk.

"We’re still going to be that gritty irreverent spot,” he explains. “Just because something is ‘dive bar’ and because it’s punk rock and because it’s on Colfax doesn’t mean that it needs to be shitty for everybody."

What do you think about the Streets of London changes? Post a comment or send your thoughts to editorial@westword.com. 

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