Tim Tebow: "All He Does Is Win," the Auto-Tune tribute song, strikes the right chord

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Tim Tebow: In case you didn't know, "He's a baller, a play maker and a shot caller." So sayeth Tebowzo Skip Bayles. Skipper has a point. All this Timmy kid does is win. This brilliant meme-in-the-making is the masterwork of DJ Steve Porter of Porterhouse Media. The song is done in the should-be-completely-played-out-but-for-some-reason-it's-not style of past webtime classics like "Run Tell That," "Double Rainbow" and so many other favorites. Don't miss John Elway looking like he's rocking the best dollar-store vampire teeth ever.

Can't get enough Tebow tunes? Check out this bonus Tebow tribute by Tim Craig of Wild Country Band, "Winning on Tebow Time." Below is the live version. There's a studio version available for purchase on iTunes.

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