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Reader: So Many Great Bands Played Red Rocks, and Time Chooses This?

A Red Rocks concert in September 2020.
A Red Rocks concert in September 2020. Aaron Thackeray
The Red Rocks season draws to a close at the end of September, after some memorable — if unexpected — moments this month. A handful of shows drew actual audiences to the legendary venue; virtual performances, including one with Megan Thee Stallion, shared Red Rocks with viewers around the world.

Megan Thee Stallion's time there is commemorated by one version of the cover of Time's "The 100 Most Influential People" issue (there were eight in all), with Taraji P. Henson writing about the "pop-culture phenom." But some Red Rocks fans consider this a wasted opportunity, and said so in their comments on Westword's Facebook post of the story.

Says Key:
So many great bands that have played Red Rocks and Time selects this...
Todd has a different take:
Really? They have the opportunity to put this beautiful woman in a picture at one of the prettiest places in the state and they give her grass and weeds. I'd be pissed.
Notes Joe:
This is so 2020! The year that writing songs about your sex life makes you one of the most important people in America.
Responds Geoff:
You do realize that “rock and roll” was originally slang for sex, and that about 90 percent of all popular music is about love, relationships and sex, right? Also, the annual issue is Time’s most “influential,” not important. Topping the charts multiple times amid a pandemic certainly qualifies her....Boomer.
Counters Michael:
Pretty much just throwing darts at a wall of celebrities when it comes to the cover of Time.... "Oh, look, it landed on the singer who helped Cardi B sing about her WAP." I guess Time magazine is where buzzfeed writers go when they become too old to be hip.
Concludes Bret:
Westword has better circulation than Time.
What do you think of the Time cover? Did you make a show at Red Rocks this summer? Catch one virtually? Post a comment or email your thoughts to [email protected]
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