Unintentional moments of RNC-related hilarity

Dixie Chicks not ready to make nice... or get dressed, evidently, on the cover of Enterainment Weekly.

Okay, so last night I was sitting around watching the RNC as Fred Thompson was offering up an impassioned screed about the character of John McCain, citing the unbelievable torture he endured during his time as a POW. Just as Thompson was finishing up, I laid down and waited for Senator Lieberman to take the platform for his highly anticipated speech. Before long, I was out, drooling on the pillow. Next thing I knew, I was waking up to the sounds of what I thought was the Dixie Chicks performing "Not Ready to Make Nice" at the Republican National Convention. Come again? WTF? You should've seen my face.

I know, last week, Obama conscripted Brooks & Dunn's "Only In America" for his exit music, but this was something else. I mean, the GOP tapping Natalie Maines and company to perform a song specifically written in direct response to the fallout that the Dixie Chicks experienced as a result of Maines's assertion in 2003 that she was ashamed that old Dubya was from Texas? Man, that was ballsy.

Turns out, though, that wasn't the Dixie Chicks or the RNC convention -- I had slept through Lieberman's speech entirely and woken up during America's Got Talent, with a pretty little blonde gal named Sarah Lenore belting the tune. Heh. Who knew? The sets didn't look all that different to me. -- Dave Herrera

Clip from Shut Up & Sing

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.