Reader: In Lady Gaga Review, White Dude Slams Something Beautiful

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Getty Images for Live Nation
Lady Gaga brought her Joanne World Tour to Denver's Pepsi Center on Tuesday, December 12. Kyle Harris's review was less than positive, accusing Gaga of having impostor syndrome, being unable to play acoustic guitar and inadvertently insulting disabled people. Readers took to Facebook in droves, attacking Harris's story and defending Gaga.

Kristina writes:
I think the one suffering from imposter syndrome is this writer. It's clear he's not a fan of Gaga and desperately tried to find something wrong with her show. I'd love to see him perform almost every night. What would that show look like??? It probably wouldn't sell out, that's for sure! Sending a sad hipster wannabe writer to the show was the wrong move for Denver Westword

Sarah adds:
This is the worst review of anything I have ever read. The show was phenomenal. Some people don't understand that being "authentic" is not just a single, one-dimensional persona. Some people are multi-faceted and complicated and THAT is their authenticity. As far as "trying to be Madonna?" Please. Gaga is far above that standard.
Blair chimes in:
Seriously dude?! This opinion piece is awful. Did you not see how many fans were so gleefully happy and brought to tears. Pretty lame Westword. Her message was beautiful and needed in this time of negativity and here goes another white dude slamming something beautiful and positive.
Katie opines:
Once again, Westword gets it wrong. Were we even at the same show? Your cynicism robbed you of a magical, unifying evening with a true artist.
On the other hand, Kathryn says:
Ouch.. at least I wasn't the only one thinking some of this!
Read Harris's original review and more of our Lady Gaga coverage below.
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