Win a VIP upgrade to this year's Westword Music Showcase for you and a guest

Welcome to round seven of this year's VIP upgrade contest for the Westword Music Showcase -- June 23 in the Golden Triangle -- in which we'll give two people VIP upgrades (totaling $150) for the festival each week leading up the show. Read on to find out how to play.

This Week's Challenge:

1. This year, Churchill will perform its set on the main stage. Where did vocalist/guitarist Tim Bruns and mandolin player Mike Morter first meet?

2. Another band on the main stage this year is My Body Sings Electric. At what studio did the band record its song "Doctor," which was released in February of this year?

3. Alex Anderson is the mastermind behind ManCub. How did he come to name his musical project ManCub?

How to Enter: Send your answers to musicshowcase@westword.com with "UPGRADE ME!" as the subject. We'll pick at random one of the correct answers.

Some Rules: ** If you are the winner, your ticket will be upgraded to VIP and we'll set you up with another VIP ticket for a friend, giving you both a chance to receive the VIP treatment: complimentary catering, seating and shade, plus two beers or cocktails, complimentary water, access to VIP restrooms and a commemorative festival laminate.

• To enter, you must purchase a regular general admission ticket. The difference between VIP and General Admission is about $75 day-of-concert, so the prize is valued at $150.

• Winner schedule: • For round seven on June 6 • For round eight on June 13 • For round nine on June 20

Update (5/30/12): Congrats to Michael Thompson, winner of round six! The challenge questions for round seven are up now!

Update (5/23/12): Congrats to Jada Burgess, winner of round five! The challenge questions for round six are up now!

Update (5/16/12): Congrats to Melanie D., winner of round four! The challenge questions for round five are up now!

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Update (5/9/12): Congrats to Kerri Bystrom, winner of round three! The challenge questions for round four are up now!

Update (5/2/12): Congrats to Adriana Terron, winner of round two! The challenge questions for round three will be up later today!

Update (4/25/12): Congrats to Alexis Puttmann, winner of round one! The challenge questions for round two are below!

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