64 Pot-Related Tickets at 4/20 Rally, Man Cited for Giving Away Water?

The number of attendees at Wednesday's 4/20 gathering at Civic Center Park was much smaller than in recent years, likely owing to the lack of a musical headliner. A more elaborate 4/20 rally was canceled this past Saturday at the last minute "due to weather and circumstances beyond its control," the event's organizers maintained.

But the Denver Police Department was out in force anyhow, and the number of citations issued — 79, with 64 of them described as "marijuana-related" — represents a much higher percentage of ticketing than in 2015.

Last year, as you'll recall, 4/20 weekend was a two-day event that featured an appearance by hip-hop superstar Rick Ross, who drew a throng many times larger than yesterday's crowd. On day one, the DPD issued sixty citations — fewer than yesterday — while day two saw cops handing out 100 more, for a total of 160.

Also seen in a YouTube clip shared here: Police rousting a vendor for what the videographer says in the description was giving away water and snacks without a vendor's license.

The headliners of Saturday's rally were supposed to be Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa — and Khalifa caused a stir among those at Civic Center yesterday when he strolled among the revelers, as documented in this tweet:

There was plenty of room for him to walk.

Here's a video that shows the modest attendance.

Also seen on video — a partier rapping at a group of unhappy-looking police through a megaphone.

More notable is the aforementioned vendor situation, as seen in this video.

Granted, not everyone who wanted to take a hit at 4:20 p.m. was hampered — and as witnessed by this video....

...many of the folks on hand consumed publicly without a great deal of subtlety.

Still, Denver law enforcers and officials made their presence felt beyond Civic Center Park. Watch this space for more.

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