Denver does Denver.

A toddler singing a John Denver song -- adorable or horrifying?

As a Colorado native who's always found John Denver's music to be the sort of torture supposedly outlawed by the Geneva Convention, I'm astonished by the affection in which he continues to be held so long after his demise; this Sunday, October 12, is the eleventh anniversary of his death. YouTube recently listed over 4,300 John Denver videos, ranging from performance footage to heartfelt tributes by still heartbroken fans. For me, though, the most potentially divisive is the clip below, which features a two-year-old named Denver -- natch -- singing "Sunshine on My Shoulder." My first instinct upon watching it was to call the nearest social-services agency and report his parents for child abuse -- but I imagine there are a great many folks who'll react with a thoroughly charmed "Ahhhh..." How will you respond? Click "More" and find out. -- Michael Roberts

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